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Many local authorities have recently adopted ambitious decarbonisation targets to help combat climate change. Achieving these targets will be challenging: they must be integrated into many areas of responsibility – housing, mobility, economy, waste and more; and may have implications for other goals and obligations in the areas of equality and inclusion.

To help local authorities succeed in meeting these challenges, the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST) and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research – working with Greater Manchester Combined Authority – have developed a Carbon and Co-Benefits Decision Support Tool.

This is a free, Excel-based tool that can be completed by local authority officers. It supports senior decision-makers to take a holistic approach to decision-making, by providing them with a clear and concise summary of how projects and policies impact across a range of strategically important areas including climate and environment, equality and inclusion, health, economy, housing and mobility.

Please see the tool handbook, training videos, webinar slides and recording for your use below.
(Note: If you currently don’t have access to the tool, have any queries or wish to provide feedback on your experience, please contact CAST Research Associate Dr Tim Braunholtz-Speight at

Carbon and Co-benefits Decision Support Tool Handbook

Carbon and Co-benefits Decision Support Tool Webinar Slides

Carbon and Co-benefits Decision Support Tool Walk-through

Carbon and Co-benefits Decision Support Tool Training Videos

Use the links below to watch each training video or access them via this playlist.

1 – Introduction to the tool

2- How to use the tool

3 – Interpreting and exporting results

4 – Guide for decision makers

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