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CAST undertook this set of global surveys with over 3000 participants from Brazil, China, Sweden and the UK. From the people we asked, we found that a large majority from across borders, age divides and financial backgrounds are positive on the need for action on climate change. In the below dashboard you can look at our results yourself, adjust demographics, countries, and use the data to find your own stories.

*Please be advised that when using the filters on the right, the sample size will decrease. This will mean the data is less representative of the country’s population. Please also be aware that users may see differences between countries or groups but these may not necessarily reach statistical significance. If in doubt, please get in touch with the research team at

CAST runs an annual survey in the UK and three partner countries (China, Sweden, Brazil) every year with the above showing results from Wave 1 collected in 2020. Each survey aims to explore public perceptions of climate change, policy support and willingness to change behaviour towards more low carbon lifestyles. For further information on the survey methodology and specific survey questions, click here.


Financial stability – the extent to which respondents reported feeling financially stable 

Environmental identity -The extent to which respondents see themselves as an environmentally-friendly person

Collective efficacy – The extent to which respondents believe that people in their country can make a difference when it comes to climate change

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