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Citizens’ Climate Assemblies: Understanding public deliberation for climate policy

July 2021

This report presents an in-depth analysis of climate deliberation, focussed on the UK’s national Climate Assembly, France’s Convention Citoyenne, and regional UK processes.

The Co-Benefits of Climate Action: Accelerating City-Level Ambition

August 2020

This report from CDP, The Tyndall Centre, and CAST, looks at the additional benefits that climate action delivers, and how cities can utilise these in their decision-making processes.


April 2019

The report, commissioned by the Low-carbon Lifestyles & Behavioural Spillover (CASPI) team at Cardiff University, is designed for the wide range of individuals and organisations involved in influencing sustainable behaviours, including national policy-makers, local authorities, professional campaigners, and those leading community-level initiatives.

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