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Organisational transformations for a greener future

February 2023

This report shows how transformative change is being driven through the integration of behavioural and technological innovations and provides a set of principles with applicability across the diverse business community. It provides evidence from 4 case studies of different UK businesses, with each working to achieve their own vision for sustainability.

From carbon footprints to cultural influence: engaging live music audiences on travel choices

November 2022

By harnessing the cultural footprint live events have, can faster progress be made on cutting their carbon footprint? This report – supported by the CAST Impact Fund – is based on roundtable discussions with specialists from across the music industry, a survey of festival audience members, and a review of climate communication research.

Developing an evidence-based toolkit for car reduction

October 2022

In collaboration between CAST, Climate Outreach and the Scottish Government we seek to understand and support the development of evidence-based messages to build awareness of and engage with some key audiences around visions of transitions to lower-carbon transport lifestyles in Scotland.

Net Zero Living

June 2022

Together with Ipsos we have taken an in-depth look at the public’s attitudes towards climate change and how policymakers can increase support for, and participation in, sustainable policies. 

Accessible veg: A pilot project exploring the barriers and benefits to CSA memberships for food insecure households

June 2022

The Accessible Veg project was set up to help food-insecure households get fresh vegetables by becoming members of their local community-supported agriculture (CSA) veg bag scheme.

Citizens’ Climate Assemblies: Understanding public deliberation for climate policy

July 2021

This report presents an in-depth analysis of climate deliberation, focussed on the UK’s national Climate Assembly, France’s Convention Citoyenne, and regional UK processes.

The Co-Benefits of Climate Action: Accelerating City-Level Ambition

August 2020

This report from CDP, The Tyndall Centre, and CAST, looks at the additional benefits that climate action delivers, and how cities can utilise these in their decision-making processes.


April 2019

The report, commissioned by the Low-carbon Lifestyles & Behavioural Spillover (CASPI) team at Cardiff University, is designed for the wide range of individuals and organisations involved in influencing sustainable behaviours, including national policy-makers, local authorities, professional campaigners, and those leading community-level initiatives.

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