PhD Research on Delivering Climate Action at the City Scale: Partnership with the GMCA – Working on Theme 3, my research examines the potential for decarbonization within the Greater Manchester city region. Developing the next 5-year plan with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, this research will aim to build from the previous 5 years and expand current climate plans and strategies in place to reach the goals of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.


Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the research will incorporate both qualitative and quantitative research methods, through data collection and measurable strategic targets, the research will build from this into an analysis of literature, reports and other case study climate plans from the UK and beyond. The research will then aim to integrate developed plans through quantitative means, to develop a qualitative investigation of sustainable cities, urban climate infrastructure and the development and reshaping of cities through political, social and economic analysis. Utilising a co-production approach and applying an urban climate governmental lens, the research aims to bring together cross-disciplinary research methods to provide insights for actors within Greater Manchester and beyond to reshape cities around climate change.