Adam Corner is Research Director at Climate Outreach and a member of the CAST Centre Executive Group, focusing on public and stakeholder engagement.


Adam’s work operates at the boundary between research and practice on climate change communication – he manages Climate Outreach’s research portfolio, directs Climate Outreach’s collaborations with academic partners, and co-founded the Climate Visuals programme. He wrote a book Talking Climate: From Research to Practice in Public Engagement, has published widely in academic journals, and writes regularly for international media, including The Guardian and New Scientist magazine. Through Climate Outreach, Adam brings an international network of stakeholders and practitioners to engage with and benefit from the CAST centre’s work. His role in the centre will be to ensure that the CAST centre’s research results in high level impact and engagement with a range of non-academic audiences who can put the centre’s work into practice, as well as leading on several ‘applied’ aspects of the centre’s research programme (e.g. testing messages and behaviour change strategies with government, civil society and industry partners).


To view his Climate Outreach profile, please see here.