Susan Lee is part of the Theme 1 team led by Dr. Ruth Woods. She will review existing 1.5 °C emission pathways, then develop and analyse alternative low-carbon visions for food and diet; focussing initially on the UK but with a broader remit for Brazil, Sweden and China. She will also help to develop a new framework to identify and assess the lifestyle implications and assumptions within low-carbon scenarios across the UK and the three other countries.

Susan is an environmental scientist with extensive experience of working on multi-disciplinary projects based in the UK as well as Europe and the Nordic Countries. Her research interests include sustainable agricultural production and the impact of global environmental change on nutritional aspects of crops.  Alongside her role at CAST, she is also working as a Knowledge Exchange Fellow on the N8Agrifood programme. Her previous research projects have included quantifying the resources of the urban environment, whole energy system modelling, vegetation and climate change modelling, wind farm impacts on peatland, impacts of climate change on building energy use and urban heat island effects. She worked for the UK Meteorological Office for five years initially as an Agricultural Meteorologist then as a Consultant and Weather Forecaster. Susan is a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society

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