Louise Turner is a PhD Researcher at The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at The University of Manchester. Her research examines social practices around water to develop sustainable pathways to emissions and demand reduction in the water sector. By investigating case studies of alternative arenas of water practice, it aims to provide opportunities to reimagine hydro-social relations and discover modes of innovation that will facilitate the rapid and far-reaching change required to address emissions and demand, creating a low-carbon water system.


Louise writes an interview series with leading activists and academics on climate justice for the Women’s Environmental Network. Her master’s dissertation analysed UK climate policy from a feminist perspective speaking to key grassroots and policy actors in the Road Map for a UK Feminist Green New Deal. She recently achieved distinction in her MSc in Environmental Governance from The University of Manchester. She holds a BA in Philosophy from The University of Sheffield. Prior to returning to academia, Louise was a member of a worker’s cooperative working on access to green space and local food, and worked for three years in social housing.