Dr Mark Wilson is based at the University of Bath and his research is situated within Theme 3 – Trialling. He collaborates with local authorities and voluntary sector organisations to understand public perceptions and encourage low carbon behaviours in different areas of daily life, particularly at the individual and organisational levels. He is currently working with Cornwall Council to explore residents’ and employees’ readiness to adopt active modes of travel. His research also considers the social prescribing model as a way of encouraging pro-environmental behaviours among target social groups. He has a strong interest in sustainable food systems, diet, and policy interventions to reduce carbon emissions and provide health co-benefits.


Prior to joining CAST, Mark completed his PhD at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, University of East Anglia. His thesis explored the adoption, use, and climate implications of online food hubs. Mark has participated in community food initiatives in Denmark and Sweden, where he taught an undergraduate course applying permaculture design techniques to develop sustainable urban food systems.


For more information, including Mark’s research outputs, view his University of Bath profile.