Professor Wouter Poortinga is based at Cardiff University and is an Associate Director of the CAST Centre. He is co-lead of Theme 3 (trialling) together with Stuart Capstick and will be primarily working on community and household change (Project 3.2). Wouter will also focus on habit disruption and ‘moments of change’ to examine how change in individuals and communities occurs (Project 2.3).


Wouter Poortinga is a Professor of Environmental Psychology at the Welsh School of Architecture and the School of Psychology at Cardiff University. He is an expert in research on human-environment interactions and has research interests in a wide range of topics, including environmental risk perception, sustainable behaviours and lifestyles, and environmental determinants of health and wellbeing. Wouter has conducted several research projects on public perceptions of climate change and energy futures and recently led the design of the Climate Change and Energy module of Round 8 of the European Social Survey.


In other work, Wouter has examined attitudes and behavioural responses to climate change and other sustainability issues and developed a Sustainability Segmentation model for the Welsh Government, which has been used by several government departments and third-sector organisations. His work on sustainable behaviours and lifestyles further examines the role of environmental values and attitudes in household energy use, the attitudinal and behavioural aspects of environmental policies, such as the plastic bag charge, and ways to discourage the use of single-use plastics and packaging.


For more information, including Wouter’s research outputs, view his Cardiff University profile.


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