CAST Data Portal: Climate Action dashboard 

The CAST Data Portal enables exploration of survey data from four countries from 2020-2023. This comprises 12 surveys (one survey per year in four countries). The data is split across three dashboards. This dashboard displays public attitudes towards lifestyle changes (behavioural intentions and willingness to change) and policy support.

For more information on methodology, question wording and interpreting the data, visit our methodology webpage or contact the CAST team at  

*Note: Sample sizes may be small for some groups (e.g., data points displayed as stars denote sample sizes <100 respondents) and results should be interpreted with caution. Hover over data points with your mouse to see the sample size of the group. For further information, please visit our methodology webpage.

Click on the tabs along the top to explore views over time, by socio-demographics or by country. Use the filters on the right to select which question domain (behavioural intentions, willingness, policy support) and which specific questions to display. Hovering over data points provides more information about the survey questions and responses, as well as the unweighted sample size of the group. Not all questions were asked in each year or country. When data is missing the graph will not display a data point or no graph will appear. 

Please note: To select a different question domain, you first need to select ‘ALL’ in the question filter.  

A desktop computer or tablet is required for viewing. 

To explore the Climate Views and Trust and Action dashboards, please click on the relevant button below:

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