The importance of co-benefits

Acting on climate change can have multiple benefits, not just reducing carbon emissions. These are known as ‘co-benefits’. CAST will be exploring the importance of values and co-benefits in underpinning the actions and perspectives of people, shaping culture, and driving policy decisions. In doing so, we set out to align positive outcomes for climate change action with those in other domains such as health, wellbeing, and environmental protection.

Making synergistic links between climate change and other domains is an approach that also underpins the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. This means that any action we take should not only lead to reduced carbon emissions but also improve other aspects of our society and environment such as air quality, equity and poverty.

CAST researchers will also be exploring the diverse values that exist in society to understand what is important to different groups of people, and how climate change and social transformations may occur in line with these. For example, CAST will explore whether low-carbon mobility choices (e.g., active and shared travel) could enable health, social and financial benefits that are more likely to motivate behaviour and policy change. Likewise, to effect change in industry, it may be important to align environmental and social objectives with the economic aims of companies.

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