Public engagement

We aim to set up a ‘Citizen’s Panel’ made up of people from diverse backgrounds who will be invited to provide input into CAST’s direction, activities and feed back on its findings. Our researchers are keen to hear what people think the focus of our research should be and how to go about transforming society in a way that effectively tackles climate change.

We are in the process of setting up our Citizen Panel and will soon publish further information about it.

In recent months, particularly young people have made their voices heard (e.g. through the School strikes), arguing that we need to take urgent action on climate change. As such, CAST also aims to set up a Youth Panel to capture the ideas and thoughts from this younger generation.

We are keen to start including young people’s voices in the Centre’s work and activities. We are in the progress of setting up our Youth Panel at present and will soon publish further information about it.

CAST research will also be conducted in close collaboration with a range of partner organisations from the private, public and third sector. Visit our partners page to find out who we already have signed up. If your organisation is interested in developing a partnership with CAST, please get in touch:

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