Professor Irene Lorenzoni is based at the University of East Anglia; she is mainly contributing to Theme 2 on learning how transformations occur (specifically on lessons from decarbonisation policies, in conjunction with Prof Andrew Jordan) and Theme 3 on accelerating transformations (working with Dr Stuart Capstick and Prof Andrew Jordan on national policy change), as well as Theme 4 (embedding transformations across society).


Irene is an environmental social scientist whose research focuses on societal understandings of, and responses to, climate change. In relation to CAST, she brings to bear her expertise on individual perceptions and understandings of climate change (both in relation to mitigation and adaptation), policy development and change, understandings of transformative proposals and actions, conceptualisations of sustainability. She offers interdisciplinary contributions drawing from environmental psychology, environmental politics and environmental sciences, as well as expertise in engagement with publics and stakeholders, and coproduction of visual communications.


To view her University of East Anglia, please see here.