Dr Caroline Verfuerth is based at Cardiff University and is involved in designing and delivering project 1.2 under Theme 1 ‘Visioning: What could low-carbon transformed futures look like?’. Her work focuses on cross-cultural visions of low-carbon futures in Brazil, China, and Sweden and co-developing low-carbon visions in the four interest areas of material consumption, diet, mobility, and thermal comfort.


In autumn 2021 she started a 16-month Fellowship with the Welsh Government. She is based in the Strategic Evidence Unit but will work across the Welsh Government Departments on topics related to behaviour change, agriculture, and diet change.


Caroline’s general research interests concern factors that surround transitions to sustainable lifestyles, and sustainable diets, as well as deliberative research methods. She joined Cardiff University as a Research Associate after completing her PhD at the University of Sheffield in which she investigated the effects of a meat reduction intervention in a workplace on employees’ pro-environmental behaviours at home. Using mixed methods approaches, her previous research centred around promoting sustainable lifestyles and behaviour change, with a particular focus on sustainable diets and identity.


For more information, including Caroline’s research outputs, visit her Cardiff University profile.


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