Professor Carly McLachlan is an Associate Director of CAST and leads the cities-focused work in Theme 3 which involves workin with a range of cities that are aiming to deliver significant emissions reductions in the near term.


Carly is the Director of Tyndall Manchester – an interdisciplinary team delivering policy-relevant research on climate change. Her research interests focus on how stakeholders, including publics, engage with energy and sustainability issues and how ‘evidence’ is used within this. She has recently worked with Greater Manchester to set carbon budgets and targets which have shaped their 5-year Environment Plan across the areas of energy, transport, buildings, sustainable consumption and production and natural capital. She is particularly interested in the role of communities in a decentralised and low-carbon system and was PI on the UK Energy Research Centre Financing Community Energy project.


For more information, including Carly’s research outputs, view her University of Manchester profile.


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