Duncan Maguire is a PhD student in the business school at UEA. He is looking into organisational transformations towards sustainability with on focus on psychology and culture and how to shift mindsets. He recently finished an ILM level 7 executive coaching course alongside his PhD and hopes to be able to combine these to proactively create transformative change within organisations.


He is particularly interested in the psychology of change and how values, culture and narratives within organisations can be utilised. He is always open to new opportunities in this area, research-focused or otherwise and set up a website where he posts up-to-date research on academic research in an accessible way.


His drive has always been how we best tackle the global environmental issues we face as a society, and he believes that organisational change is one of the most effective ways to do this. Before working on organisational change, he worked on marine and terrestrial conservation projects in Southeast Asia and is a professional scuba diver. He enjoys surfing alongside scuba diving and has a real love for the ocean.