Dr Louise King is an environmental social scientist with an interdisciplinary background. Her research explores how social understandings impact on public engagement with complex socio-technical and environmental issues. Her work in CAST focuses on understanding public perceptions and experiences of cooling demand and cooling technologies within the Flex-Cool-Store project. Methodologically, she is a qualitative researcher using visual, deliberative and place-based methods to engage publics with these issues and their implications for everyday life.


Her work has a strong interdisciplinary focus and previous research has centred on the implications of social practices for energy consumption and building energy performance, energy visualisation, green infrastructure and brownfield land development. Alongside her role at CAST, Louise is currently working on an AHRC-funded Green Transition Ecosystem project, Transforming Housing and Homes for Future Generations which provides insights into transforming existing housing by working with communities to co-design Beyond Net Zero resilient homes.


For more information, including Louise’s research outputs, view her University of Bath profile.