Funded PhD project on Organisational Mindsets for Sustainable Business Innovation

About the project:

The research aims to identify how organisations mobilize change through shifting organisational mindsets. Organisational mindsets capture the cultural climate of the organisation reflecting employees’ thinking and feelings towards changes in how they work, alongside structural or behavioural changes in people management structures and processes. This work is part of the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST), a collaboration between UEA, Cardiff, Manchester and York Universities, and charity Climate Outreach. It will work closely with industry, local and national governments, and charities to tackle climate change. The research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and will establish a programme of social science research that places the role of people at the heart of the transformations needed to bring about a more sustainable, very low-carbon society.

We are seeking research degree students to undertake case studies that will develop our understanding of the process of implementing complex and multifaceted environmental initiatives that shift how people think about and understand environmental goals in the context of how they work.

Applicants may use qualitative methods to understand organisational processes supporting transformations in the workplace. Alternative applicants may seek to use quantitative methods to measure mindsets and shifts in mindsets within working populations. Applicants may also be interested in using a combination or mixed methods approach.

For more information on the supervisor for this project, please click here.

This PhD project is funded by the Norwich Business School at UEA. The studentship is funded for 3 years and comprise of tuition fees, and an annual stipend of £15,285.

The start date of the project is either 1 October 2020 or 1 February 2021.

The mode of study is full-time. The studentship length is 3 years. Please note, 3-year studentships have a (non-funded) 1-year ‘registration only’ period.

Entry requirements:

Acceptable first degree in any social science area e.g. Psychology, Sociology, Management, Business.

The standard minimum entry requirement is 2:1 and a good Master’s degree in a relevant field.

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